How do I access Moodle?

Access to Moodle requires a UCU student / staff email login and password. If you do not have a UCU student account, contact the eLearning coordinator to find information on how to obtain one.
To access Moodle:

    • Go to
    • Locate the login link on the main menu.
    • Make sure you have an account (University Wifi Account)
    • Enter your username and password.

How do I get an enrolment key?

When your lecturer creates a course for you on the platform, they should share the enrolment key with you or your class representative. In case you need further assistance, contact the eLearning coordinator

I forgot my username and/or password for Moodle. What do I do?

Access to Moodle requires a usename and password. If you have forgotten your username or password, contact the eLearning coordinator

How do I update my profile in Moodle?

To update your profile, please refer to the Your Moodle Profile section within the Moodle Quick Start Guide for Students.

Where can I get help with Moodle?

Please check whether your question is answered on this page. If not, you may refer to student documentation.
For any content-related inquiries that are specific to your course, please contact your Lecturer.
For any technical inquiries about Moodle, please contact the Coordinator by phone at 0703691414 or by email at

How do I get back to the homepage?

Use the Navigation block at the top left of the page to get back to the homepage.

How do I remove a posting from the forum?

Once you have created a forum posting, you have 15 minutes to either delete or make changes to it. Once that time has expired, you would have to contact your instructor and request to have the posting removed for you.

I am not able to open documents in my Moodle course. What do I do?

Please ensure that you have the appropriate application (e.g. correct version of Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader) to open your document. If in doubt, check with your instructor which application you should use.

How do I view my grades and feedback?

To view your grades, follow the steps below:

    • Log in to eLearning Platform, and click on the required module title that appears.
    • Click on "This Course's Tab" on the main menu, which drops down different options, click on Grades in the list of options. The User report will be displayed.
    • You may click on Overview report to view grades of all the courses you are enrolled in.
    • pic37.png

To view grades for a specific assignment, follow the steps below:

    • Log in to eLearning Platform, and click on the required course title that appears.
    • Click on the assignment name of which you want to view the grades and feedback.

Why did Moodle log me out during a quiz and lose my results?

Moodle has an idle timeout of 4 hours. If you are inactive for 4 hours, you will be automatically logged out and your unsaved results may be lost because of the inactivity.

Why am I getting zero grade on my quiz?

You might have exceeded the quiz time limit and received a zero for the quiz. Should this occur, please contact the course instructor immediately.