Quick-start guide

Logging in to Moodle

The Uganda Christian University eLearning Platform address is https://elearning.ucu.ac.ug 

When the page loads, click on the ‘Log in’ (white) link on the extreme right-hand side of the page


You will then need to Log in with the following details:


  • Username: Access_number@students.ucu.ac.ug (where Access number is the student's access number)
  • Password: Password submitted during registration for university Wi-Fi

If you experience any difficulties logging in, please contact eLearning Centre using the information on the Contact Us page.


Navigating Moodle

There are 2 ways to move to the different parts of Moodle.
  1. Breadcrumbs
    One method to navigate within Moodle is to use "Breadcrumbs". Breadcrumbs are at the top of every page and tell you where you are in a course, and how you got there. For example:
  2. Navigation block
    You can also navigate within Moodle by using the Navigation block on the left side of the screen:



Once you have logged in, you will be directed to your dashboard.


Below are the different sections and their descriptions;-

Left Section

  • Navigation – This block includes quick links to your home page, your profile, and your courses.
  • UCU E-Resources This block includes a list of important and helpful Uganda Christian University.

Middle Section

  • Course Overview – This block shows a list of all your available Moodle courses and the most recent course updates.

Right Section

  • Private Files – This block functions as a file repository to access important files for your courses.
  • Calendar - This provides a monthly view of important dates for Moodle Activites
  • Upcoming Events - This block includes lists important dates for Moodle Activities

Course Layout

Your Moodle course will display in a 3-column view. The broad center column is where most of the course materials and activities are located, organized by Topics, Weeks or Modules. This content column is divided into large squares, or "sections," and can include several different kinds of activities, resources, and links set up by your instructor.


Your Moodle Profile

When you first login to Moodle, your initial step should be to complete setting up your profile. Your Moodle profile includes information about you, such as your name, e-mail address, location, courses you are enrolled in, and any interests you would like to share with others. Refer to the Managing your profile training page for setting up your profile.

Other Technical Considerations

  • Session timeout: Be aware that if you do not perform any actions within Moodle for a period of four (4) hours, your Moodle session will timeout. This means that any of your unsaved/non-submitted work will be lost. It is advisable to compose and edit your work in an external text editor (e.g., Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac) to reduce the risk of losing your work if your Internet connection is interrupted or if you session times out.
  • File formats: Certain file formats will not be accessible to your instructor and/or other students in your course. For example, the Microsoft Office 2007 format of .docx may not be accessible to users using previous versions of Microsoft OfficeMake sure to establish appropriate file formats with your instructor and your peers before submitting your work.
  • Mobile usage: If you are accessing your course using a mobile device, please note that not all functionality of Moodle is compatible with different operating systems or browsers of mobile devices. You should only use your mobile device to view course content and never rely on your mobile device for time-sensitive assignment submissions, quizzes, or any other complex functions of Moodle.