pic19.pngQuiz icon – Quizzes in Moodle are indicated with a ‘page and red check mark’ icon.

Once you enter a quiz, you will see instructions provided by your instructor, the attempts allowed, the date and time the quiz is available, and when the quiz will close. To begin the quiz, select the Attempt quiz now button. If the quiz allows for multiple attempts and you have made an attempt, the button will read Reattempt quiz. If the quiz only allows a single attempt, a window will appear asking if you wish to continue.


pic21.pngOnce you begin the quiz, be sure to read each question carefully. You can flag questions that you wish to skip and/or later review.


Quizzes can have multiple pages. Click the Next button located directly under the last question to move to the next page. Clicking Next on the final page of the quiz will conclude the quiz.

‘Next’ Button:

  • Clicking the “Next” button will bring up the next page of the quiz.
  • Clicking “Next” on the last page is the equivalent of clicking “Finish attempt”.

Moodle quizzes have a navigation window located on your left-hand side of the page. A grey background indicates an answered question. The red corner indicates flagged questions. You can click on the numbers to jump to those questions. When you have completed the quiz, select Finish attempt.

Quiz Navigation:


  • Grey background indicates an answered question.
  • Red corner indicates a flagged question.
  • Click on a number to jump to that question.
  • When quiz is completed click “Finish attempt”.

Once you have finished the quiz, a summary page will appear. The question status box will inform you of questions answered, not answered, and flagged. Click on a question number to jump directly to that question.
Select the Submit all and finish button to conclude the quiz.

Quiz Summary:


Before ending your quiz you will see a summary of each question status.

  • Click on a question number to jump directly to that question.
  • Flagged questions are indicated.
  • Questions will be marked as either answered or unanswered.
  • Clicking “Submit all and finish” will end your attempt. A prompt will appear to confirm. Once accepted it cannot be reversed.