Master of Nursing Sciences

Techniques of physical examination and history taking are time honored skills of healing and patient care. This course further develops and integrates the health assessment competencies of interviewing, performing and documenting comprehensive health histories and physical examinations into nursing education. It focuses on interviewing and health history, clinical reasoning, assessment and recording, and introduction to physical examination which are foundation aspects of health assessment. The students will apply the knowledge and skills acquired in facilitating nursing students’ learning in health assessment as a clinical foundation course.

Exploration of the issues and trends that influence the nurse educator role within changing health care and educational environments.  Includes analysis of the technological, legal, economic, political, cultural, ethical, and professional dynamics.


Nursing clinical study I is carried out in nursing area of interest that match topics covered in pathophysiology, pathopharmacology, and health assessment which focuses on hematologic, cardiovascular, pulmonary and renal systems.

Students will also look at nutrition, relevant health assessment, primary prevention and application of the nursing process related to the issues studied. relevant healthcare problems will be reviewed from a global and evidence based perspective. Areas for impact of advanced nursing practice related to clinical problems will be explored.

Students will find clinical sites to study the areas of interest from a practice perspective.

Objectives: Please see course outline.