Faculty of Law

The course of Intellectual Property I constitutes Introduction to Intellectual Property law (in general). It then delves into Copyright & Neighbouring Rights law; Trademarks, passing off and emerging related issues such as Image rights and confidential information. The course also examines how intellectual property law balances interests (e.g. creativity, innovation, technological development, access, use), and current issues and emerging debates in intellectual property such as ISP liability, online defamation, Cybersquatting, Shape & Olfactory marks. 

a)       Introduction to aspects of Intellectual Property Law: This part of the course offers an introduction into domestic aspects of the law and policy relating to Intellectual Property.   

b)      Copyright & Neighbouring rights law: This part of the course examines the fundamental characteristics of the law of Copyright and related rights in Uganda together with the development of international copyright agreements, particularly the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). The focus on the law is through case studies with specific references to International developments in Copyright law vis-à-vis an exposure into the intersection with image rights, Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs) or Folklore as well as the relationship between copyright and Cyber law. 

c)       Trademark law: The third part of the course examines the objectives of the national trademark system alongside international developments in trademark law through case studies. It also examines the practical problems associated with trademark registration, product counterfeiting and considers the controversial issues raised in similarity of goods and passing off. The course navigates through the critical jurisprudence developing in trademark law in Uganda and the latest trends on enforcement, including global discussions on trademark law in the Cyber world.