Course Description

This course, Public Private Partnership focuses on government- business relations in theory and practice in both developed and developing countries and how these have impacted on service delivery. Focus will be on the models of service delivery, starting with the state centered model, the market model and the participatory/community centered model of NGOs. An analysis of the strength and weaknesses of each model will be carried out to establish the possible impact of a possible collaboration. A historical evolution from Private Finance Initiative will be considered from the 1990s in Britain under John Major to successful case studies in different service sectors in the African continent. The course will investigate PPPs impact on Africa’s development, environment and contemporary issues affecting service delivery in developing countries, to the current trend of Globalization and its impact on African economies. The course will cover the subject matter of PPP as it impacts on development such as; State Owned Enterprises, Privatization, types of contracts, Successful case studies in Africa, Lessons learnt and best practices. This course also explores the dynamics of Government-Business interaction in enhancing or hindering the development process with special interest service delivery.