Welcome to Management Information Systems!  This module carries 20 credits and is a continuous assessment and summative examination based module. It will be divided into two streams.  Stream A will introduce you to MIS theory and Stream B will introduce you to practical concepts related to information systems. The main focus is on the management of different kinds of information systems and their impact on organization and organizations. This module adopts a blended approach to teaching and learning.

Stephen Kyakulumbye

Course Instructor

This course examines the purpose and domain of the human resource management function in organizations.  It stresses the skills and techniques used in the various activities within the human resources function, and relates them to the overall management of the organization. The primary objective of this course is to make the student knowlegeable in the central  issues and tasks of human resource management.  This knowledge includes understanding the relationship of the human resource function and the rest of the organization.  It also involves acquisition of the concepts and terminology which provide the foundation for practice and for examining the behavioral implications of human resources decisions. In otherwards, the course is intended to address contemporary challenges faced by human resource professionals operating in a developing country context.